Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Chapter 6: Why Can't I Be Peter Pan?

This week has been a real busy week for me. Just so you all know, my "busy" is not what most people would class as busy. I said in my first blog that 25 is my scary age because to me, I am officially an adult with responsibilities... I struggle to organise my room, let alone my life! However I have done a few productive things since my last blog:

  1. I FINALLY booked New York with my boyfriend - YAAAAYYYY! I booked to go for my Birthday next year and got an insanely good deal with Virgin. So if anyone is looking to go to New York, I highly recommend just walking into your local Virgin and inquiring about it there, rather than on their website. It's much better to get some insight from people who have been and where's best to stay. We booked a hotel where both our rep and my Mammy have been before, so it was a no brainer.
  2. I have opened another bank account - yes that's right you heard. I know, sounds pretty boring... but it felt like quite a big stepping stone for me and actually gives me an incentive to save more! I am going to share something with you all and I'm sure most of my family and friends are aware. I... I... I have an internet shopping addiction. I am hanging my head in shame as we speak. I'm too lazy to go out and try stuff on and I worked in retail for 4 years. I never want to return to the nightmare of going to the changing rooms, queuing for hours during sale time and arguing with snotty managers who think they rule the world. Oh wait a minute sorry, I think  I'm just referring to when I was a sales assistant and not a customer. Let me start over. SHOPPING IN THE REAL WORLD SUCKS ASS.
  3. I renewed my car insurance. This has to be the most nauseating task in life, EVER. Why can't these things be simple? I finally agreed on a price and the sales advisor's said this would be saved on their system until I called them back. So what happened? I called them back and the price increased by £10?! Jog on you bunch of half wits! In the end I got them down to the price I wanted, but why does it all have to be so difficult and why do we all DREAD the time it comes to actually phoning providers to change insurance, phone tariffs, yar-dah-yar-dah. 
All of the above things, I have had to have help with. I can't do serious adult stuff by myself, which is where my boyfriend comes in! He's the one that doesn't put up with shit and he's taught me to do the same. Although I come off as quite a feisty character, I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to face-to-face or over the phone interaction with people. I can't count how many meals and hotels we have had major discount off, or even had for free thanks to Luke! So any time I say, "Hmmm, I'm not sure" or "That may be pushing my luck", Luke encourages me to push for what I want... almost resembles a life lesson for us all, wouldn't you agree? ;)

The reason for my blog title? I still feel like I'm 17, so why can't I look like I'm 17?! Peter Pan never grows old, so why do we have to? Why can't the fantasy world exist in reality?
My favourite television series is, True Blood. I know the whole vampire scene is getting quite boring to a lot of people at the moment, but it is something that has always fascinated me. What if vampires actually existed? True Blood is about a world where humans and vampires co-exist. If this was the case (the way True Blood conveys it) there would be an end to all illnesses, everyone can be saved from death and live a live of eternity and there would be no reason to fight or be at war.
When I watch these kinds of programmes, or watch fantasy movies like Peter Pan I love them all because I would love to live in a world like that. But it also makes me beg the question, "Why can't these lucky shits renew their car insurance like we do?"

On that note I leave you with The Lost Boys movie trailer - try not to laugh so hard, the trailer is very old. This is my favourite vampire movie of all time and I don't care what you Twihards think, this is waaaay better.

'Til next week, toodaloo pips.
P.S.  Thanks again for all the Race For Life donations! My sister and I have gone well over half of our target and we are so grateful to you all! If you would like to donate to our page please visit http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/patriciabaxter. It's all for a great cause and anything is greatly appreciated! 
Oh and in case you're wondering, I ACTUALLY went for a run yesterday. Only did 3K but hey, it;s something!
Love love.

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