Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Chapter 10: It's Not a Race, It's a Marathon...

I failed to mention a good few things that have happened to me recently in last week's blog. First and foremost, I finally completed Race For Life! It was the most memorable experience ever and SUCH an adrenaline rush...
The day started like any other; I got up, got dressed and me, my sister and our boyfriends were on the way... I printed off a picture of Mammy for both of us and we pinned them on our backs so everyone knew who we were running for. Other people had their Race For Life sheets where you could write who you were running for. One thing is for certain, this wasn't just to tell people who they were running for; it was to keep all the runners behind motivated. To run with all of them women was such an inspiration and even though I practised running with my boyfriend, I completed the race in my best time yet. I truly believe it was because I was running amongst all of the women who have experienced the same emotions and heartache that this year has brought to my Mom and our family. A lot of the women had experienced cancer themselves and had overcome it, which just fills me with such positivity and admiration for everyone out there going through the pains and motions of this dreaded illness. I know 5K doesn't seem very much, but it was a big thing for us, me in particular, as I am quite a rubbish runner! But I am going to carry on with it because it has benefited my breathing and I can run much farther than I ever could before. Every time I run now, I am running with my Mammy and all of those women in mind...
Here are a few pictures from the event:

Another thing that happened... I WENT TO SEE ROBBIE WILLIAMS! What an entertainer... Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to and a fantastic support from Olly Murs as well. I'm going to be honest, I have never really been an Olly Murs fan, but I can't deny his tunes are catchy! However I have ALWAYS been a Robbie fan. My favourite album of his is "Singing When You're Winning". It is one of very few albums I can listen to the whole way through and never get bored of it. His last song was of course "Angels" - this song holds a lot of significance to me. Although the song was originally intended for a "girlfriend", I think we can all agree this song is applicable to many scenarios. When he sang this, I couldn't control myself - I burst into floods of tears! I know my reasons for it, but like I said, I'm sure you all can relate to it for your own reasons. Here's a little clip of Robbie & Olly together performing, "Kids":

If this doesn't encourage you to see either of them, I don't know what will! Even my boyfriend went out and got Olly's album, and he's into rock music! Luke, you absolute MAINSTREAMER! ;) (personal joke).

Last but not least, I have FINALLY plucked up the courage and got back into acting; I have joined a Murder Mystery team - yes, you heard! I have joined a company local to me and it is all thanks to my friend Anneka. Anneka was in the year below me at school and we performed together doing A-Level Theatre Studies. She went on to study Drama at University and has been acting ever since. So she told me of this Murder Mystery group that she joined a few months back and suggested I come along. So I went along to a "newbie" night last night and have signed up to it! I'm very excited but very nervous at the same time... I haven't done this since school?! The worst part isn't over yet though... once I get my first night's performance out of the way, THEN I can feel a sense of a achievement. It's unlike anything I have ever done before, so I am looking forward to trying something new and as I said in my first blog, I will ACTUALLY be getting into something I would like to do!

As the title states peeps, it's not a race, it's a marathon! I know it has taken a while for me to get into something I am interested in, but it's never too late to follow your dreams!

Much love.

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