Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Chapter 34: The Holiday of the Year!

Welcome to my first "26 and... What the Hell am I Doing?" Blog. Depressing for me, but funny for all of you I'm sure! Well I finally went on the holiday of the year and it was everything I hoped it would be... and then some! As cliche as it sounds, it really is the City that never sleeps! I have been before and have wanted to go back ever since. I have only been back 3 days and I'm already day dreaming of going back! But, who knows?! We will have to see what the future holds :). All I can say is I am very excited for opportunities that come my way... you know what they say, you live to regret the things you don't do, than the things you do...do. Sorry that just reminded me of Chandler in Friends when he is being interviewed and the bloke says,"do do".

It was my friend, Katie's, first time in the Big Apple, and she loved every minute! We had a great package deal with Virgin Concierge, where they offered us different deals to see and do different things. We went for the "Hop, Shop & Top" service where you get 4 days unlimited bus travel, shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlet, a choice to go to either the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock, a boat tour around the New York skyline and Liberty Island and a Broadway Show. We went to see Wicked and I'm not gonna lie, it was wicked! 

One of the best shows I've seen and I knew it wouldn't disappoint as I'm a massive Wizard of Oz fan. It w as everything I loved rolled into one, reels you in from the first line, great music and dancing and there were some amazing sarcy comments coming from the Wicked Witch. I loved it because it was a completely different take on the original story we have all grown up with. So if you are wanting to see a show either in the West End or Broadway, this is a MUST see. It took place at the Gershwin Theatre and the entire place was dedicated to Wicked, NO other show took place there. The halls were FILLED with signed pictures of previous actors that were apart of the play and even the Beer cups had the 'Wicked' logo on. Naturally, me and Stead stole them!...

Love a collage, me! As you can see, I'm wearing a white suit and Stead is wearing a black suit. We had no time to get dinner that night as it was a manic day, so we resorted to M&M's, Pringles and beer. I said to the lady who served us, "She treats me well", as Stead went to pay on our card. FYI, American's don't take sarcasm very well. She genuinely thought we were a couple. Safe to say, Stead gave me a bollocking, ha! 

We chose to go to the Empire State Building (you can't go to NYC and NOT go to the Empire State Building?), the views are out of this world. You literally see everything, from the yellow cabs, to the Statue of Liberty, which again was a beautiful site on the boat tour. There were a few things we didn't make it to, like Top of the Rock (which apparently has better views than the Empire State), Central Park (but it was minus 12 degrees) and the famous toy store as seen in the movie, Big! I wanted to play on the floor piano like Tom Hanks!

Even though we didn't get to see them places, I wouldn't have changed the trip for the world. It was one of the funniest holidays I've ever had and for anyone that knows the legend that is, The Stead, she is bare hilare! Thanks for an awesome trip lady! I'll be sure NOT to buy you a Cosmo next time we're out ;). Newww Yoorrrrkk! YEAHYEAH! xxx.

This song is for you baybay! It's a mixture of both of our interpretations of, "NEWWW YORRRK!"

Thanks for reading peeps! For anyone who is thinking about going to New York, don't think - JUST DO IT.
Big Love,
T. x

P.S. My sister's and I have entered to do Race for Life again this year for our amazing Mammy. She put up a huge battle with Bowel Cancer and we are proud to run this race for her. A true warrior and our biggest inspiration. We love and miss you so much Mammy xxx. I have attached our page here, we would greatly appreciate any donations you have to offer. X

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