Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Chapter 51: The Bucket List

This week I'm talking bucket lists. What's a bucket list I hear you say? The Oxford Dictionary says it is:

"A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. 'Making this trip is the first on my bucket list.'"

When I was about 6 years old, I was really into a programme called, Full House (1987-1995), starring the Olsen twins. I absolutely loved them then and still do now! I would literally copy everything they did and said. Well one day at school, I was sitting at the dinner table with 5 other kids from my year. We were all discussing the craziest things we had ever done. Someone said, "Who's ate a bug?" We all put our hands up and went, "ME!" Someone said, "Who's wee'd in a swimming pool?" We all replied, "ME!" Then I came out with, "Who's been skydiving?!" Everyone replied, "ME!" Did anyone know what skydiving was? No. I asked the question because Uncle Joey went skydiving in an episode of Full House and the Olsen Twins wanted to do it so I thought I wanted to! How innocent we all were ha! I went home and told my family and they all found it hilarious! It's still and ongoing joke to this day. "Hey Trish, remember that time you were 6 and did a skydive? That was a good day." Haha!

Truth be told though, that really is on my bucket list, all because I seen it on Full House. I want to travel everywhere at one stage. Do a Julia Roberts in, Eat Pray Love (2010). A book adaptation, Roberts plays a divorced woman who goes and finds herself by travelling the world and discovering how to be by herself and to love herself for who she is. It's a good read and film and of course, it's on the beloved Netflix! Here are a number of things on my bucket list:
  1. To write a movie.
  2. To make a movie.
  3. Possibly star in the movie, ha!
  4. Do charity work in a Third World Country.
  5. To travel the world.
  6. Skydive.
  7. Bungee Jump (not so keen on that one, but wanna say I've done it).
  8. Learn how to play guitar.
  9. Learn how to play the drums.
  10. Get a tattoo.
  11. Learn a language fluently.
  12. Learn a Martial Art.
  13. Go to Glastonbury.
The last one I just added in there because I was extremely gutted I didn't go this year. After all, Dolly frickin' Parton was there! Doesn't get much better than that. She even made a joke about the amount of botox she's had! We were all thinking it, she just said it!

In truth my list goes on and I will keep adding to it as time goes on. I think it's important to look forward to doing something and to always look forward to a goal. Stephen Sutton is one boy who we should all look up to. He fought a good fight with his bowel cancer and managed to achieve all he wanted to before he passed away. He had a 46 point bucket list and he managed to achieve all of them before passing at the tender age of 19. Some of which included raising £10K for Teenage Cancer Research and he exceeded this with a whopping £4.2 million worth of donations from people all over. He did a skydive and a bungee jump for charity along with many other charity events, got a tattoo, flew first class and hugged an animal bigger than him:

For someone so young he was so wise beyond his years and said:
"I don't see the point in measuring life in terms of time anymore. I'd rather measure life in terms of making a difference."
This quote will stay with me forever and it's so true. My mammy who also passed away of bowel cancer achieved so much in her life. She had such a zest for it and wanted nothing more than for me a my sister's to live the lives we love and to love the lives we live. A mantra we should all follow, because this much is true:

I would love to hear your bucket lists and what you all MUST say you've done in your lifetimes. Just contact in the usual places on the back of here, Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter. Also, my family and I can't thank you all enough for your donations to our Just Giving page for Race For Life which is less than two weeks away now. It means so much to us and we are so touched by all of your support over the last year. Mammy touched the lives of many and anyone was lucky to have known her. She was the most beautiful, kindest and funniest person I'll ever know and someone who really did live her life to the fullest. She is the only reason for me writing this blog and I owe it all to her. Love and miss her more and more everyday <3 xxx.
If you haven't already, you can donate at www.justgiving.com/jennys-girls

You only get one life and it's for living. So let's live! 

Peave & Love.

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