Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Chapter 52: Pampered Pooches

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great week! Last week I spoke bucket lists and listed a few of the things I would love to do in my lifetime. I can safely say I can tick one of them off now! :). My Sister and I had a special weekend, one which we won't ever forget or regret for that matter. One thing is for sure, Mammy was probably letting out a wee giggle or two whilst we ticked that off our bucket lists! :) xxx.

This week I am going to be a typical blogger and talk about products I absolutely LOVE to use. It's important to pamper yourself every now and again. I like to do this on a weekly occurrence on a Friday night whilst watching my programmes with a bottle of beer/glass of vino. However, I know this isn't so regular for everybody due to heavy workloads etc. But if you can make the time, it is a great feeling. It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man, it's a must!

So ladies, I'm going to start by introducing you to the godsend that is... Estee Lauder, Double Wear:

This will literally cover every sin on your face. It hides blemishes, smoothes out wrinkles and best of all, the stuff is practically bullet proof. Retailing at £29.50, this foundation lasts a good few months and is worth every penny. However, I try to keep it for nights out/special occasions only. Another good tip is applying it with a foundation brush; in doing so you will add another couple of months to this precious makeup bag beauty.

Now the next product, I use EVERY DAY without fail. Men can use this as well:

This can be used as a moisturiser or you can even put it in the bath. This has been brilliant for me in the past when I have ever suffered from rashes or bites, but since using it every night before I go to bed, my skin has never been so smooth! Brilliant for men as an after shave balm too. You can purchase this from your local Lloyds chemist from as little as £2.88.

The next product I use as a thick mask at least once a week but it can also be used daily. My Dad purchased this from QVC at a great price of £26.01 for a massive 1 litre bottle:

Honest to promise... this smells AMAZING and is perfect for either a light moisturiser or a thick mask to wear before bed. It's smoothing and works to tighten the skin around your problem areas like crows feet or deep wrinkles. This was bought in our household back in February and we aren't even half way through it. You can purchase it here by clicking this link: http://www.qvcuk.com/SBC-Collagen-Gel-1-Litre.product.215693.html?sc=SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-4-_-215693.

Ladies, it's all about the brows lately, am I right? My best friend and beautician Katie Stead (who might I add has her own business - you can find her Facebook Business Page, First Class Hair & Beauty, here), bought me this for my Birthday:

This is... AMAZING! It comes with a fine brush for easy application and as you can see, comes in four shades. Now you might think, 'well... I would only need one shade', that's where you're wrong. Depending on your shading you can mix the colours and if you want to go for the smokey eyed look, the black shading is amazing for smouldering eyes or 60's flicks!

I'm going to bang on about another QVC product - me and my Dad just can't get enough of the channel! It's gel nail polish (sorry guys, another girly one), called Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Kit:

This comes with a portable LED light, nail files, cuticle/buffing sticks and you can choose which two colours you want. I went for the red and silver back at Christmas time to get in the festive spirit, but the silver is great for layering and the red has a tinge of sparkle in it too. What's more? It comes with a base and top coat and even if you want to paint your nails any colour that isn't a gel, you can apply a gel top coat and your colour will still last weeks! You can still purchase this by following this link: http://www.qvcuk.com/Red-Carpet-Manicure-Portable-Gel-Polish-LED-Light%2c-Accessories-%26-2-Colours.product.400596.html?sc=SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-4-_-400596

If you don't fancy paying for gel nail polish ladies... please buy this top coat:

You can get this at your nearest supermarkets for approximately £5, but let me tell you... it's worth it! Nail polish lasts for a good week and a half without chipping!

I'll end this by telling you guys, that although it is expensive, I know many men who have high recommendations for anything Clinique. My Brother-In-law swears by this Clinique moisturiser:

They do it for all skin types as well as oily skin specific and at Christmas, they have a great deal on gift sets. Why not put this on your wish list or treat yourselves guys?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! I'd love to know how you pamper yourselves and if not, why not? Contact me on here, Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

Only a few days until mine and my Sister's race guys! So excited to be taking part in this worthy cause and we really can't thank you enough for your constant support and donations! Massive love to you all! If you still want to donate, go to www.raceforlife.co.uk/jennys-girls xxx.

I've just GOT to play this song by Coldplay this week. They never cease to amaze me with every new album they release, but this has to be my favourite song of theirs since, Warning Sign:

Thanks for reading everyone!

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