Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Chapter 54: First Class Hair & Beauty

My friend, Katie Stead opened her first salon, First Class Hair & Beauty on Sunday. She is one of the hardest working people I know and is such an inspiration to every person who has a dream. You want someone to prove to you you can do it? Katie Stead is your woman.

I went to school with Katie but she was a few years below me and we were first introduced in 2009 - the rest is history! One of my closest friends I'll ever have. We went to New York together along with a few other holidays with our groups of friends and she is such a laugh - she works hard and has earnt her way to where she is. She has been through so much but she always comes back fighting fit. She is what I like to call "Wonder Woman" and here's why...

Katie got into hairdressing after school and went to college to study. She achieved her level 2 & 3 in Hairdressing and Salon Business Management after which went on to achieve a BA Hons in Business Enterprise... First... Frickin... Class. All whilst working a full time job AND doing hair and beauty outside of work. 

After this amazing achievement in her life, Katie went on to start her own mobile hairdressing business and decided to promote it under the name, "First Class Hair & Beauty". This was a huge success and a fantastic career move for her personally. Even though it was a massive move for her, she wouldn't be where she is today without that leap of faith with the encouragement of her family and friends. She not only does hairdressing but she does a cracking spray tan, eyelashes and brows (falsies and tinting) and gellux nails amongst other things. Here are a few examples of her work:

Pretty fecking good huh?! Katie took the big move and opened her own salon officially last Sunday. Her launch nigh was brilliant and she couldn't have asked for a better turn out! She took the big decision to put her business into a salon back in April and with the help of her family and friends, it looks beautiful! Another big decision she made, she achieved all of her goals in such a short space of time (not to mention a run of bad luck, burning the candle at both ends and falling sick in between, but she is fit and fighting now :)). She sorted everything from finance to decoration. She got her cousin, Emily Benton (founder of Bostin Design) to help her with her logo and in the end, decided on this classy and stylish finish:

Filled with a styling section, tan room, nail room, massage parlour, office (and of course a kitchen and toilet), it is the perfect little location for a new and budding business. Located in Walsall (32 Birmingham Road, WS1 2LT), you'd be silly not to go in a book in now. Either that or simply ring 01922276116. Please take a look at her price list below:

Once you go First Class Hair & Beauty, I guarantee you WON'T go back! Katie... this one's for you! Destiny's Child - Independent Women.

"I have always worked hard to where I want to get. Things haven't come easy, like working full time whilst doing a full time degree. But I got there..."

Big Love.

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