Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Chapter 56: Love is A Drug...

Love is a funny thing and it can make you do even funnier things... For instance, public displays of affection. Holding hands - to me this is perfectly normal, but for most, it's not a necessity and some don't need to in order to be comfortable with each other. One gripe for me is men putting their hands in the jean pocket of their girlfriends arse. This seems to happen quite a lot in supermarkets... I mean, come on... I'm buying food, I don't want to imagine upchucking it. But the one thing that seems to be 'trending' a bit too much, are social networking statuses. Now I know about 80% of us are guilty for doing this at one stage or another in their lives. I'll hold my hands up now and say I've done it with past relationships... But I've lived and learnt from that. Not only that, they were no where near HALF as bad as some of the statuses I have witnessed this past year. They seem to be more prominent to me now as a singleton and I have to say, I'm baffled as to what this actually proves anymore? Who exactly are we trying to prove ourselves to? Here are the sort of things I'm talking about:
  1. "Have I told you how much I love you? Even though I'm lying right next to you? Thought I'd leave it on here for you to scroll past when you wake up :)" - OKAY, first off. What an insult. What makes him think that the first thing she's gonna do is wake up and go on Facebook. Secondly, if that's the first time you've said you love her, that's really bad. Lastly, stop being a sap.
  2. "I can't believe how lucky I am. Not only because I've found someone I love, but also, my best friend." Okay, things like this are sort of obvious between you and the person you're with. You don't need to vocalise this shit to your 500+ mates on Facebook.
  3. #love #boyfriend #girlfriend #cinema #cinemadate #romeo&juliet #popcorn ... the hashtags go on.
Although I can't lie.......... you know I love a hashtag.

Another thing that really irritates me is when a couple goes from "Single" to "In a Relationship" and vise versa and people are like, "OMG who is it?!" or "Oh no I'm so sorry, what happened?" Again, why would anyone really discuss? "Oh it's Hayley from WS1 that night you remember?" or "Well it was because they didn't show me they loved me enough on Facebook."

What I want to know is, why exactly is there a need for this? If this is what people are putting on Facebook, I might need a doggy bag for what they say in real life. However, that would be NONE of my business and really, that's how it should stay. Your love life should be YOUR love life. Not yours, your boyfriends, Bill-John's, Sally-Anne's and their dog - yours. Whether it is going great or going bad, no one wants to know because it's a private matter that should be kept that way because when stuff about your relationship is shared amongst others, it's not just about you two any more.

What do you all reckon? Do you actually want to read about people love lives? Many of these statuses get 30+ likes. Why do you think that is? Email on the back of here, Facebook or Tweet me @triciabaxter.

Remember, don't mug yourself.

Big love.

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