Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chapter 62: Fine.

I work in town. When I first started I caught the bus every day, but it's £4 for a Day Saver and I'm not being funny, that shit is too much to ride with people that smell. I was running late one day and was too late for the bus so I drove and parked outside my work where it cost £6 for the day. Okay it was £2 more, but at least I wasn't travelling with 70 odd people. I did this a few times and thought to myself, something's gotta give? Surely there is a cheaper car park near by... I asked people at work and quite a few paid for a space for the year but I missed my chance to do so. Then someone finally told me of a £2.10 all day car par near by. It was a little bit of a walk, but it was better than the walks I was doing to the peasant wagon. So I thought, "Score!" Finally I found a car park and didn't have to get up so early in the mornings. I did this for a few weeks and then one day,  I didn't have a 10p piece on me, only two 5p's. The machine said it accepted 5p's so I didn't think it would be a problem... until the machine spat them both out. Fuck. I've only got 6 hours on the meter... It'll have to do. So I hoped for the best and prayed that I wouldn't get a fine.

Later that day, I have a Weight Watchers meal, Shepherd's Pie. Was quite tasty actually... An hour past and what I thought was indigestion to start, was actually the beginning of a 24 hour barfathon. I was running to the toilet every 5 minutes to be sick and at one stage I even sat on the floor of the toilets for a bit because I was that exhausted from yacking so much. I HAD to go home. But how was I going to walk ALL the way to the car park without barfing? I finally grew some balls and got to walking. I had a cold bottle of water with me and took deep breathes like my Mammy always told me to do whenever I felt ill when I was wee. Anyways, all I kept thinking was, "Why the HELL did I not park out front today?" I finally made it to the car and I was that rushed to get home, I drove away. I think I was a bit dazed and confused to be honest.  I made it to Perry Barr and that was the furthest I could go. I had to pull over and be sick. Once I was finished I looked outside my window and low and behold, a massive yellow fine bag stuck to my windscreen. How the HELL did I not notice before? £25. Was only 10p! The amount of times I have paid £2.20 instead of £2.10 as well. I mean, if you think about it, I have definitely paid that back! I write and email to appeal but it didn't stand. They said they would keep it to £25 for a little while longer. However this was sent in email when I was away in Wales with barely any signal and because I don't pay a hell of a lot of attention to my emails, I now have to pay £50 - great.

My Sister & Brother-in-Law currently live in a flat where you have a designated parking space. Well my Bro went to go to football, got in his car and drove off. But then he realised he forgot something, so he parked right outside the flat, ran upstairs for 2 minutes and when he returned, he found a £60 parking ticket plastered to his windscreen. WHAT THE EFFIN' EFF?! Insane. Where was this parking attendant? Hiding in the bushes in the dark?! That's just freaky. He is going to appeal this as soon as so hopefully he will be let off.

Not sure what it is, but Parking Attendants must LOVE the power. I know it's their job but I know if that was me I wouldn't be quick enough to give one and if someone arrived just as I was giving one, I'd be like, "I'll let you off mate." I'd wanna be the good guy! I'd probably just smile like this and walk away:

I know quite a few of you have had parking fines, let's own up and share! Any funny stories? Please let me know on the back of here, on my Facebook page or Twitter at @triciabaxter :).

On top of paying our bills, fines are the LAST  things we want to face! Am I right?

Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills.

Much love,

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