Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Chapter 70: "I'm Not Feeling Cute Today..."

Arguments... they happen all the time. Sometimes we argue so much and feel so strongly about winning that we forget what the argument was actually about. I have been a victim of this many a time. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm quite a feisty person. Anyone who knows me also knows I'm as stubborn as they come. Okay, now I'm really underselling myself... Basically I think a good argument every now and then is healthy! I don't think I'm the only woman to think this though... Am I?

My sister inboxed me last week on Facebook with a video from Buzzfeed called "If Girlfriends Were Honest When Arguing." Have a look at the video for yourself. FYI: It's best to view this blog on your laptop rather than your phone as the video won't display otherwise:

I think my all time favourite of this is, "When I say it's nothing, it's literally EVERYTHING! How do you not know that?" LOL. So true though, right? It's almost textbook when a woman says that though? It's like this:

Come on guys! You must know this by now! Hehe! Jokes :). I also enjoyed, "I've been planning my argument for days now, so good luck winning. I've got a TIGHT defence."

I then had to see if there was a man's version. let's face it ladies, I think we would like to understand the male brain and how it works when we are shouting our heads off at them for no reason, right?

LOL. I'm sorry this is too much. But I can understand their frustration as well. Why on earth would we feel the need to ask men, "which of my friends do you think is hot?" I can see why men might think we are a bit mad in the head... But men... you're a bit cray too! "Why do you need that many guy friends? I mean why? Why do you need that many guy friends?"

After seeing these videos, I then stumbled across this little beauty...

If only men behaved this way when a wedding was approaching! Haha! What kind of world would we live in then? The point is, as much as we can complain about men and women, we wouldn't really have them any other way. I mean if men behaved like that in the Groomsmaid video.... well, that would just be weird right?!

Ladies & gents, would you want your partner to be honest in arguments? Or would you prefer a gender switch for a few days? Women not being bothered and men being bothered in an argument? Women not acting paranoid about which of her friends are hotter and men being late instead of women on date night? Let me know your thoughts on the back of here, contact me on Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

'Til next week peeps!
Big love.

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