Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Chapter 73: Resolution? What Resolution?

Yo peeps,

This week, in my first blog 2015, I want to discuss New Year's resolutions. Now, I know I noted down some of the resolutions I want to stick to this year, but if I'm completely honest, I can't remember what my resolutions were last year? Therefore, I'm not entirely sure I stuck to what I said I would do last year...

Let's face it, they are all quite typical and boring and it is very rare that ANYONE sticks to them. Here are a list of typical ones:

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to drink less alcohol
  • I want to join a gym
  • I want to learn an instrument
  • I want to save X amount every month
If you stick to these for the entire year, great. If you stick to it for a week, forget it. You have NO New Years resolutions. What exactly is a resolution? And how many more times can I say this word in this blog without annoying you all?

Cambridge Dictionary:
'A promise you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year; "Have you made any New Year's resolutions?" "Yes, I'm going to eat more healthily and give up smoking."

Why do we need it to be a New Year in order to make a promise to ourselves? How can we ensure that we keep this promise? Why can't it just be another day that we suddenly wake up and think, "Yep, I'm gonna go to the gym at 6am before work every week day morning. And no, I'm not going to fail, because I have will power and ALL of this is mind over matter." Easier said than done, I know. But it IS possible. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it (as cheesy as that sounds). Maybe everyone who didn't keep their promises last ear can all make the same promise this year; have some will power. That way, we can ALL egg each other on to stick to what we are going to do! Not a bad thought, right?

Take a look at this Buzzfeed video on "If We Were Honest  About New Years Resolutions".

Let's not use a New Year as an excuse to make a positive change to our lifestyles. Although it's a nice notion, anything could happen at any point of the year that can make you want to change your life for the better.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Did you accomplish last year's? Are this year's realistic or do you feel you don't need to make any changes?

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Have a great week guys. I'll leave you with Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger. Might help the motivation!

Big love.

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