Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Chapter 74: Celebrity Big Brother 2015

So this year I have started getting into Celebrity  Big Brother. Now I have been a fan of Big Brother ever since it aired when I was in Year 6 on Channel 4 with Davina McCall presenting -  "This is Big Brother, you are Live on Channel 4. Please do not swear." Since then it has moved to Channel 5 and is presented by Birmingham's very own, Emma Willis.

The idea of it seems pretty normal, something that everyone everywhere has to face on a daily occurrence. 10-12 people are required to be in the same environment with each other for a certain amount of time and they have to work together get get luxuries like food and alcohol for the house. Well here are some similar scenarios:
  • House sharing
  • Going to a new school
  • Going to University
  • Starting a new job
  • Going on a group holiday
  • Travelling
So, you would think a show like this might be a bit mundane? However this isn't how Big Brother works. They put the most annoying, loud, quiet, controversial, polar opposite characters in there, so that the biggest amount of friction, awkwardness and arguments occur on a day to day basis. You know what's even better? When they're all celebrities... And I don't mean any celebrity... I mean shit celebrities. Celebrities who we either don't know, or are just not sure what they have achieved to become a Z lister. Here's the celebrity line up for this year:

A couple of singers, a couple of actors, some models and internet trolls. Yes that's  right, you can become famous these days by being a nasty bitch about everyone else and claim self greatness. In case you didn't know, I'm on about Katie Hopkins (who detests ginger and obese people - hardly an oil painting love) and Perez Hilton........  I have nothing to say about Perez Hilton. I have to say Calum Best and Patsy Kensit are my favourites so far... I don't think either will win, but I love how highly Calum speaks of his late, great Father, George Best. As for Patsy, I love how she just rocked up to the house and chilled out instantly. She doesn't take anything too seriously, but she genuinely cares for the others and isn't afraid to show her emotions.

As you can see above, Jeremy Jackson (a child star who made his debut on Baywatch) and Ken Morley (previous actor on Coronation Street) have been ejected. Not due to public vote, but due to the uproar they have caused. Jeremy was ejected for drunkenly pulling down Chloe Goodman's (reality star and pin up girl) robe in the bathroom. Everyone in the house and who I have spoke to about it can see both sides of the coin, he was drunk but he shouldn't have done it and as a woman, I can understand how shook up Chloe was about the whole situation. She knew herself he didn't mean any harm as he was heavily under the influence, but still, it was completely unacceptable. He was extremely remorseful for his actions, but Big Brother still chose to eject him.

As for Ken Morley, well, if Jeremy was ejected for his actions, Ken should have been long before. Racist and sexist/sexual remarks are the only things that seem to exit Ken's gob. All of the housemates have been extremely upset and mortified over this and when confronted by Nadia Sawalha about why he was acting the way he was, he saw no problem with anything he said.

Such as life really, everyone is different with how they deal with certain situations. Is it to do with how they have been brought up? Maybe. Is it to do with who they have socialised with? Also maybe. Is it to do with their generation? Again, maybe. But if you're living in this day and age, racism and sexism is NOT acceptable, no matter how old you are, how you have been brought up or who you hang around with - rant over!

Hopefully I have persuaded you to keep up with the rest of CBB as it is by far the most shocking one I have EVER watched. It's on every night at 9pm on Channel 5... don't miss out!

Have a great week guys, let us know your thoughts if you do decide to watch! Gotta leave you with Paul Oakenfold after this...

Big Love.

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