Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chapter 77: That Fall And That Feckin' Dress...

Allo all.

Welcome to my first blog of "27 And... What The Hell Am I Doing?" I had another un-Birthday this year as I'm born on the 29th February. Only another year to wait until I'm 7 though! Haha! I had a lovely time with my family and friends, but I think it is safe to say, I'm getting too old to go out these days - it literally exhausts me. Spending about an hour and a half getting ready and looking half decent, going out and getting drunk because that is the only way you will ever see me dance and then having to go through the hangover the next day which for some reason actually lasts two days now. It really isn't worth it half the time. I can't lie, I'd much rather stay in with my boyfriend these days. Did I not tell you I have a new fella now? Yeah his name is Netflix; we are really good for each other. He cheers me up when I'm down and he never talks back. I really see a future together...

... Anyways. Let's talk about interesting topics of last week. First and foremost:

Madge's Fall
God bless her... I was flicking through the Brit Awards last Wednesday on and off but managed to catch performances from George Ezra (who is my favourite artist at the moment) and Paloma Faith. They were both absolutely fantastic! I didn't manage to catch Ed Sheeran taking one for the gingers, but I heard his acceptance speech for Best Album and he was so humble and grateful. But (unashamedly) I changed channels to catch up on my usual junk TV, TOWIE. I had a phone call from my sister:
Esther: Trish, have you just seen  Madonna???
Me: No, why?
Esther: Trish... YouTube it... She just had a MASSIVE fall.
Me: Has it just happened?
Esther: Yes.
Me: Then it won't be on YouTube yet... Give me 10 minutes and I'll call you back...

I seen this:

Bad init? It was more shocking than anything at first and you can see where it went wrong... Madge, you should have worn a cape with velcro you pleb! Not a fecking tie! Wardrobe malfunction or wha?! I then seen this video the next day:

Sorry Madge, but this is funny! I'm sure you've even laughed at it! Point is, she actually just got back up after and acted like nothing had happened. FAIR PLAY, WOMAN! I don't think I could be so brave as to do that in front of an audience AND live television... basically the whole world! But then again, Carrie Bradshaw did it on the runway...

What is the lesson here? You fall, you get back up. You can't just stay on the bloody ground, right? What good can possibly come from that? Let's look at it like this... If Madonna stayed on the ground, would everything still carry on? Yes.So you must carry on with it. The world doesn't stop because you have fallen at a hurdle. Fuck the hurdle and hold your head high - that will shock people more than the fall you took.

And lastly:

The Dress

I seen this to begin with:

White and gold right? Then I saw this:

To which people said this is black and blue... I can see blue... and I can see khaki green. For those of you who don't know what khaki green looks like, it's this:

Oh and yeah...

The dress is black and blue... and I don't give a flying bird turd.

I'll leave you with this wee tune to set up the rest of your week. 'Cause you know, it's all right!

Toodle pip.

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