Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chapter 82: 10 Things You Should Give Zero F**ks About.

So the title is pretty self explanatory again folks - this week I'm discussing what you really shouldn't give a fuck about.

WARNING: This blog contains a lot of "fucks".

10 things - here goes:
  1. When someone asks what type of music you're into and you respond with an answer they don't like. How about you go and do one mate? If you're so musical like you say you are, then you would appreciate the fact I like both The Human League and The Rolling Stones... Okay?!
  2. When you introduce someone to your favourite film and all they do is talk shite throughout. It's okay dude, you're only missing out on one of the best films you will ever see or be introduced to and your next girlfriend will probably make you watch Legally Blonde (yeah that was aimed at all my exes).  Nevertheless, zero... fucks... given.
  3. When people talk behind your back - don't give a hoot people, feel flattered. You're clearly very interesting or the people talking about you are bored as fuck.
  4. If you get a make-up stain on your favourite white dress/top/shirt on a night out. It's dark, everyone is drunk and NO ONE will notice or... give a fuck.
  5. Back in school when you got into trouble a lot - those are the stories that are the best and you can look back and say, "yeah, I was pretty bad ass in school - I gave zero fucks."
  6. When you make a fool out of yourself in front of a lad/girl on a drunken night out - you're drunk. YOLO.
  7. Showing your cleavage. Ladies, if you've got it, flaunt it. 
  8. Wearing a bikini/swimming trunks. All of us worry about our figures and our weight before we go on holiday, but when we are all there, none of us give... a fuck. So note to self - don't give a fuck.
  9. When you have more than one drink... on a school night. This does NOT make you an alcoholic - this makes you a badass.
  10. Lastly you should give zero fucks about how jealous people are that you are pretty fucking great.

What's to learn from this? Don't take life too seriously... Work is work, your body is yours to worry about and no one else's. You might have got teased about your ginger hair when you were younger, but let's face it... Game of Thrones is shit all without the amount of redheads in it.

So please... go forth and give zero fucks!

Big love.

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