Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Chapter 84: Just A Few Things...

Howdy All!

Hope you all had a great week and an even better Bank Holiday! I had a VERY busy time. Went to a beautiful wedding of some friends of mine, Mr & Mrs. Hewitt! Wishing them all the love in the world and all the best for their wonderful future together! :) xxx

Quite a few things went on this week! Firstly, let's talk about the birth of our little Princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - and what a beautiful name it is!

As it is the English Publics job, we are all quite critical about, well everything! So as you can imagine, there have been a lot of mixed opinions about it. But there is meaning behind the name... Charlotte is the female version of Charles, Prince William's Dad, and Elizabeth and Diana are obviously after Will's Grandmother, the Queen and his late, great Mother - Such a sweet sentiment. Massive congratulations to the Royal Family!

Another thing to happen... Mr. David Beckham (one of the most beautiful men on the face of this planet) turned 40! Doesn't look too bad does he? Not only that, but to mark his big day, he decided to join Instagram! Y'all know how I love Insta... And it seems he loves it too! He's put up at least 2 pictures every day since joining! Take a look for yourself...

 "Great to see these shy and retiring ladies. Never a dull moment."


"What a special and amazing night to be with the people I love."

"Here is a photo with Brooklyn, the real boss of the family! #DB40"

How... frickin... CUTE!

Another bit of news as well... Another Brit is doing us proud by landing a pretty major role. Might not be a big deal to everyone else, but I'm a MASSIVE horror movie fan. The scariest film I have ever watched is "It". Yeah... the one with the scary ass clown:

Yep, Pennywise the clown gave me nightmares for years. Surely that's a good sign of a horror movie? If you haven't already seen the films or read the book (that is absolutely feckin' massive by the way), this is a Stephen King masterpiece about 7 kids who are tormented by a child killing clown, only to find that he is still taunting them when they return to their hometown of Derry in their adult years. 
So I found out that they are doing a remake yesterday... and this little ledge is playing Pennywise:

William Poulter. You may recognise him as the awkward geek from, "We're The Millers". Such a great young actor and has an extremely bright future ahead of him! With them eyebrows... he was DEFINITELY built for the part of Pennywise the Clown!

Anyways, that's the news from the past week! Hope you all have a great week ahead of you! Please enjoy a bit of Blur - Coffee & TV to settle back into the week!


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