Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Chapter 90: I Heart Brighton!

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a great week! I had a brilliant weekend as I went away for my cousin's Stag do in Brighton! It was so much fun and I had never been to Brighton before, but I heard so many great things prior to going. Usually when I go to a seaside resort I love it for the time I am there and I am pretty much ready to go home by the end, but literally, this place had everything! The seaside, great shops, great food, great bars. I think what I loved the most about it was that it resembeled a large Camden Town - everyone was very individual and friendly.

The Friday night started like any other... it began with a civilised meal in The Regency Restaurant on the seafront and it was so different:

Such a great feel when you go in and there is absolutely nothing you can fault about the food or the service. Of course... a Stag do starting of civilised is out of the ordinary, right?!

The night then carried on to good old Revolution, which I REFUSE to give a review on, because I'm sure all of you reading this are fully aware what Revo is like haha. All I will advise you on is... DON'T EVER HAVE A CHILLI SHOT!!

The next day we had to carry on drinking to avoid the hangover... however this did eventually catch up with me! Nothing that a bit of American Diner food couldn't sort out though! We went to a restuarant called, The New Club, right beside Brighton Pier. Served the most amazing cocktails and the waiter put so much attention to detail, you could have literally stared at him all day (it also helped that he was extremely easy on the eye). It was so unique that when I asked for a lemonade they asked whether I wanted it draft or whether I would like to try their own lemonade they made in house - of course I couldn't turn that down. They made their own lemon puree from fresh lemons, added soda water and a big dollop of ice - enough to cure anyone's hangover! Their food was out of this world as well. I had the Chicken Burger with the Bastard Sauce (I had to ask what this was - it's an in house made tomato sauce - PUKKA!).

After this we went on to a cool little bar called Bar 32 which was along the Duke Street right by the main shopping area. Nice a chilled with sofas upstairs and again, fantastic cocktails! Definitely would recommend chilling her with a Bellini or 5 after a night out...

All and all I had a great time and so did my cousin! Happy stag weekend Petey! I loved meeting all your mates and I can't wait for the wedding in August! So happy for you and Glenn :).

Here's the BEST moment of the weekend for you all to see...

And here's the song of the weekend... ENJOY!

Next up - my sister's Hen in York! Share your messy Hen/Stag stories on the back of here, visit my Facebook page or Tweet me @triciabaxter.

Big love,

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