Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Chapter 97: Your Annual 'Beauty Tips'. Courtesy Of Yours Truly...

Hola mis amigos!

I find it quite hilarious that I'm doing a blog on this as it isn't usually my forte... But I did one last year so I have more to add. After all, 12 months has past, so I feel I have gained a little more knowledge since then! So here goes...
  • A few people have been asking me how I get the waves in my hair lately. My hair is naturally straight/frizzy. I'll be completely honest, I have done this since I was in secondary school and I wanted the 'scrunch' look. I go to bed with a french plait in... that's right. Nothing more to it really. I take it out in the morning and add a bit of hairspray to keep the hold and hey presto! Natural looking waves that people are convinced is your natural style...
  • Eyebrows - they have been a big thing in beauty for over a year now. It seems you can't open a magazine without seeing Cara Delvigne and her eyebrows... they're... THEY'RE JUST THERE! Such amazing, thick eyebrows! I have been struggling for a while to find the right shade for my red hair, but today I went into Mac and asked what the best product was for my hair colouring. The woman was lovely and helpful and not only did she suggest I use an eyeshadow instead, but she taught me how to correctly brush on the powder with a fine structure brush. A lot of girls these day want to have the natural look, but somehow end up looking like this: This is NOT what you want. The lady told me to start from the arch of the brow and draw to into a straight line towards the ends. Afterwards, go back to the start of the brow and rather than filling it in bluntly (which I myself have been guilty of since filling in my brows), brush upwards in a straight motion towards the centre of your forehead - it looks far more natural this way!
  • I am forever painting my nails... I have a different colour on them most weeks. However, it is very easy for your nails to get discoloured over time. Even when you file and buff them, it's actually promoting the discolouring of the nail. Many think that having a base coat is the way to avoid this, but I find putting on a white nail polish underneath is far better and it makes whatever colour you intend to put on pop out even more!
  • Not only do I love painting my nails... I love having a gel/shallac on. But I went to Body Care the other day (I know, always reminds me of when I was like, 15 or something) and I had a look at their fake press on nails. I seen someone wearing them not long back and they looked like they were freshly done from the salon... Turns out they were press ons! So I bought some and oh... em... gee... they're wicked! Less hassle and no one can tell the difference (unless of course the glue is all over your fingers and you have the wrong size fake nails).
  • Finally... lip liner. My actual saviour and I can't believe I never used it before?! I literally have no top lip... It's tucked away on top of my bottom lip which sure as hell isn't much bigger. My friend used a natural liner on me followed by a light pink lip gloss and it made my lips look... well, like I had some! It's coming back I'm telling you... It's quite 90's I know, but so are the big thick eyebrows everyone is after eh?

  • Another must watch would be ALL of Kandee Johnson's videos. I have mentioned her a couple of years ago in this blog and she has some fantastic makeup videos, both for everyday and for costume! Take a look at her 'How To Contour Like A Contouring Artist' here:

And there we have it... my annual 'beauty' tips. Obviously we all have different tastes and styles when it comes to make-up and hair, so I would love to hear any tips you have to share! Please comment on the back of here, visit my Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

Have a great week guys!
Big love.

P.S. Here's a good song to listen to whilst getting ready to go out ladies ;).

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