Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Chapter 65: 10 Things I Hate About... Things

This week, I'm going to complain (in true Patricia Baxter fashion), about the 10 things that really bother me. Please tell me if they bother you, too!
  1. When someone sneezes and you say, "Bless you." For them to not even say, "Thank you." Okay, how about, I hope you have a fecking cold, biatch!
  1. When you say "Hello", "Good Morning" or "Goodbye" and no one responds. I'm sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone who enjoys talking to brick walls and statues.

  1. When you're sat on your chair and someone leans on it, therefore making it fall back. I'm sorry; I didn't know my chair said "lean on me when you're not f**king strong!"

  1. When you drop something in front of someone and they do nothing about it. This one time I was carrying out a cup of money at work and I dropped it right near my superior's feet. He literally looked whilst I picked it all up - nice!

  1. When you send a long letter of complaint to a company about how shit their service was and all they can offer you is a £20 voucher. Look... I'm not sure you're getting me... YOUR SERVICE WAS SHIT! WHY WOULD I WANT TO COME BACK FOR MORE?! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!

  1. When you put so much effort into something, e.g. redecorating your house, and you finally get visitors over for them to say, “Oh, is that a new toaster? That’s lovely.” No it’s not a new toaster, but I do have a new sofa, TV, curtains. How about you just walk back out and never come back and leave me to eat my ready meal I made you that I was going to claim I made from scratch? Cheers.

  1. When you proper go for it and sing the lyrics to a song but get one word wrong and some prick pipes up within a millisecond and says, “Er actually it’s...” Look, loser, get lost and let me get down to lyrics I think would be good for the song, okay?

  1. Chauvinists. Yeah, I bloody said it. “You women this, you women that.” When was it acceptable for this to still be... acceptable. Welcome to the 21st Century, playaaaaas.
  1. When you talk about something you have an opinion about and you are having a gentle debate and someone butts in and takes it to the next level., e.g. you are talking about how you enjoy eating Nutella from a teaspoon and how this gives you a simple enjoyment (me), and someone says, actually no that is so wrong on so many levels. Is it? Or are you just being awkward. You eat your Nutella on bread and I’ll eat mine from a spoon. Thank you, please.

  1. Being hungover. It’s true; it gets worse as you get older. Mine currently last 2 days. This is not fair. I don’t know what to do with myself? Do I eat like a pig or take the foetal position? Why can’t I just remember what happened the night before and feel happy about all the fun I had minus the sickness and headaches?
Do you agree with any of the above? Or maybe you'd like to share some of your own? Contact on the back of here, visit my Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter. Get ready for more blog entries like today's peeps ;). In the meantime, listen to this one song my sister thought was, "Check out my manequin..."

Wu Tang Clan - Gravel Pit.

Big Love.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chapter 64: Winter Essentials

As we are coming into the Winter Season, I want to discuss why this is my favourite time of the year. Aside from the fact I'm a Winter baby (born 29th February AKA Leap Year, just so you know), I just love to wrap up. Especially being a woman and like every other woman, I have my own body hang ups. So this season is the perfect time for me to layer up and hide my lumps and bumps (in hopefully the most fashionable way possible). So let me go through a few things with you that I love and are a complete Winter MUST have!

  • The Snood. Whether this be a jumper or a scarf you can wrap around you more than once, this can complete literally any outfit you're planning on wearing. Maybe a tea dress and leather jacket or a maybe a t-shirt and leather skinny leggings. This item is fit for any occasion and can be found in many major high street and online fashion retailers:
New Look, £9.99
  • The Poncho. Now I know what you're thinking, this item of clothing comes back and goes away within minutes, just like the bandanna (WARNING: the bandanna is NOT a Winter essential). They're great to throw over you (even if you don't think much of your outfit that day). Once on, BOOM! You're instantly transformed and immediately cosy:
Burberry Poncho's as seen in London Fashion Week 2014, £Out of our price range.00
  • This one is a must for me... Recently I've seen Lauren Pope (my fashion idol) wearing some over the knew boots on Instagram. Also seen on Millie Mackintosh, these boots are literally PERFECT for any occasion (I know, I sound like Monica from Friends when she paid a months rent on boots - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrrMTogekok). Whether it be a night out or date night, these are a winter essential that are bang on trend any time, any day!

FYI: These are now available at Primark for £20 #justsayin'.
  • The Fedora Hat - me LOVES a Fedora. Perfect if you just CBA to do your hair and you instantly look cool wearing one. They go great with short hair and long hair and if you're not a hat person, it doesn't matter, the Fedora does well if you want to hide a face of shame from antics the night before also (always thinking, always dancing, me). Shove one on like Mossy always does, the woman can do no wrong, so it makes sense for you to do right also...
  • If like me you get terribly dry hands in the Winter (for me, so much to the point where they can bleed. Gross I know), you need a good hand moisturiser to relieve this. I recently tried Dermalogica as a sample from my boss on my hands and it was brilliant. Smelt gorgeous too and always keeps your nails strong.

Amazon £15.99 - expensive, but totally worth it.
  • And if you are want to lock in moisture and warmth, you need to wear gloves ladies. But not just any gloves, mitten gloves. You know, the ones where the mitten covers your fingers but if you want to use your phone or munch on a weiner at the German Market (coming to us in a month, ladies & gents), then you can pull back the mitten to create fingerless gloves.
River Island, £12.00
  • Last, but certainly not least, The Faux Fur Coat. My FAVOURITE winter item. I literally get exited putting one. But the one place I'm a sucker for buying them is eBay. I bought a short brown Topshop one 4 years ago for £25 and it still serves me well to this day. I also bought a long Leopard print one for £20 and it is so soft. Perfect for a night out and like the poncho, dresses up anything you are wearing underneath or merely enhances it.

Sorry it's been another girly one this week, fella's! But don't hesitate to tell me your Winter essentials on the back of this blog, visit my Facebook page or tweet me @triciabaxter.

In the mean time, listen to this fashion icon! David Bowie - Fashion.

Big love, readers!


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Chapter 63: Define Me! Define Me!

It seems all people do these days is share pictures with a caption or funny video. I should know, I'm one of them! But I love it. As you all know I love Instagram. It provides minimal effort of words and a picture can instantly cheer a person up! However, I have recently got into Pinterest. I have had the app for a few years, but only really got into it when I was in bed one night and I couldn't sleep. So I got bored and explored it, and before I knew it, I had about 7 boards.

7 boards is NOTHING in comparison to some of the pages of have seen. Basically, it's a great site to collate ideas for things such as interior design, cooking, beauty, art and even wedding plans! You can choose to have your profile private or not, but many celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and even Kim Kardashian shared her wedding Pinterest board for the whole world to see!

For me pictures and videos can instantly change my mood. This could be anything though. I mean it can be a fashion photo (which would then prompt me to internet shop), someone sharing a movie photo with a caption (which would then prompt me to watch that film later) or it could be a comedian talking about something I can totally relate to. I came across a Kevin Hart comedy sketch last week and I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed so much I shared it on Facebook and watched it about 3 more times: Kevin Hart on cursing.

If you recognise my title, it's from an episode of Friends. The episode where Phoebe goes out with a Psychiatrist and he instantly defines everyone based on the things they say and do say. Like the way Chandler uses humour as a defence mechanism to mask his troubled childhood and insecurities. I feel like this is how people define themselves today though; social networking, texting, emails. It's not that people are scared to express themselves outright to people, but sometimes using pictures and videos is the best way we can. Like for instance, me writing this weekly Blog. To be honest I didn't think I would be able to keep this up for as long as I have. Quite a lot of people know I do this, but a lot of people don't really expect it of me either. Many people are shocked when I tell them, but in truth, I find this one of the best ways to express myself.

Here are a few pictures I've loved this week that best describe me:

So tell me, what best defines you in a picture? Let me know on the back of here, visit my Facebook page or Tweet me @triciabaxter.

The Who - Who Are You?

Massive Loves.