Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Chapter 68: Break The Internet?

Think you all knew what I would be discussing (ranting) about this week peeps... I have put it a couple of times on my Facebook the past few days, but I'm going to express my feeling about it on here. So here goes...

Kim Kardashian has posed full frontal for "Paper" magazine for a reported $40 million - that's a lot of doe. Maybe she really needed that money... Come on! This is Kim Kardashian we are on about here! She's been brought up from a wealthy background with a well known family (the Kardashian/Jenner clan), has her own reality TV show, a singing carre (I know, right?), a rapper husband, her own clothing range and a phone app called (wait for it) "Kim Kardashian" - original...

So basically, it started off with this (Warning: If you are queasy easily, look away):

Then is went on to this:
(Sorry I had to censor out the bum, it's ridic).

First of all, let's talk about the composition of this...Is that a bin bag? Is she standing on a cardboard box? And are those satin gloves? I don't understand? Can someone fill me in? What exactly is this this supposed to represent??? I get the champagne on her bum... That is quite hilarious and she can obviously take a joke with regards to her big derriere... But is it even real? Break The Internet? How big headed to you have to be to have that as the cover title???

I'm a massive fan of Tina Fey; I think she is an incredible writer and so she is very good at articulating situations. This is what she made of the above:

She said this three years before the photo was even taken - well said, Tina.

I'm going to leave you with this video, which I think perfectly portrays how ridiculous this photo shoot must have been. Kimmy K, don't get me wrong love... You're entertaining. But no. Just... No.

Big love,

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Chapter 67: Fad Diets & WW

Fad diets; a person’s best friend and worst enemy. Fad diets are fantastic for wanting to lose weight quickly in time for a holiday, or a special occasion. However great you think it is, it really isn’t. Let’s look at this logically... say you lose 5lbs in one week from a juice diet and then you eat normally the next week, you’re just going to pile it on more... and then some! Is it really worth starving yourself to see all your hard hours of starving yourself go to waste by piling it back on? No. No it’s not. Believe me, I’ve been there. I was going away to Egypt for a week but felt quite sluggish before, so I thought I would extreme diet for the week before; by extreme diet I mean scrambled eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch and a bowl of cereal or an omelette for dinner. I lost 5 lbs in 5 days and got to the weight I wanted. I was chuffed to say the least. At the time I felt like I was wasting away, but all I keep thinking was, ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.’ What did I do when I got the airport? I have a Frankie & Benny’s pizza all to myself. What did I do when I was on holiday? Stuff my face with all inclusive food. You name it. Fish, potatoes, pizza, chicken – the lot. What happened when I got home? Along with holiday blues, I felt like a lump after and so the fad diets continued on and off for years - it's a vicious cycle!

My sister had my little Nephew last December and my other sister got engaged shortly after, so we had our minds on dropping the lbs before the big day. I didn't want to lose much, just half a stone. So my sister suggested Weight Watchers (WW), as this worked so well for her and my Mammy in the past. She lost 2 stone after her second child and the weight literally dropped off of her. So I said I would give it a go. Now, I know I’m generally quite petite, but I only wanted to lose a few pounds and what have I got to lose (excuse the pun)? The woman did warn me I would have harder fat to lose so it may take a while longer. I got to my goal weight and I was really pleased. Not only that, but the meals are so good! The system is easy if you stick to it. Each woman gets weighed and daily points are given according to this and your situation. For example, if you are breast feeding you get more daily points allowance. The standard amount is 26 points with a pro point allowance of 49 points for the week. So for example, if you stick to 26 points a day you could use your 49 points for a night out at the weekend drinking or going to a restaurant. For me I only really do it from Monday to Friday and I buy the Weight Watchers meals from the fridge and from frozen. My FAVOURITE is Red Thai Curry - SO flavoursome and a nice portion. You might think that there isn't enough in the Weight Watchers meals, but there really is. For lunch I would have one of these or two crumpets with a slither of butter.

There are a number of famous people who have used this diet and it has worked wonders for them!
Patsy Kensit.
Jennifer Hudson.
Jessica Simpson.
I tried to add Gregg Wallace in here but ironically, I couldn't fit him in! If you are looking to lose a few pounds but really don't want to deprive yourself, then this is the perfect diet. At the moment it is £10 for the first month and if you find it doesn't work, send then an email to cancel. If you don't want to go to the weigh ins, you can do it online and do your weigh ins at home! Believe me, it's worth it!

Have you been on Weight Watchers before? If so, what did you think? Are there better diets out there in your opinion? Let me know your thoughts; just contact me on the back of here, visit my Facebook page or tweet me @triciabaxter.

In the meantime, why don't you enjoy some music from our Patsy's ex: Oasis - Rock N' Roll Star.

Have a good week guys!
Big love.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Chapter 66: 20 Things Every 20 Something Year Old Thinks...

So, the majority of you reading this are in your 20's, so you're going to know what you think already. Today I am going to put fingers to keyboard, and write about 20 things that have popped into all of our heads from time to time or on a regular basis. But I'm going to make this as fair as possible; I'm going to route for the girls and write 10 things we all think, but I'm also going to put down 10 things men think too (based on an actual male's mind, so before you have a go lads, I've done my research). SO, here goes...

  1. Can I be arsed to wash my hair this morning or shall I dry shampoo?
  2. No point in shaving any part of my body today because I'm not seeing my boyfriend tonight/I haven't had any action in 10 months.
  3. Yes! I'm on my period!!
  4. Great, I'm on my period.
  5. Fuck, have I leaked?
  6. Shit, I have gone overboard on my liquid eyeliner. Now I look like a hooker. Better baby wipe a millimeter of it off so I look less hooker-fied.
  7. I wish  I could wear a sports bra every day.
  8. Is that lad going to approach or?
  9. Should I text him or do I look desperate?
  10. I need to fart... gonna have to be an inwards one cause I have company...
  1. Boobs.
  2. Beer.
  3. Bacon.
  4. Football.
  5. "This time next year, I'll be hench."
  6. Fuck the queue, I'll piss on the wall.
  7. To wank or not to wank?
  8. I'm not going out ever again. Thursday: "We going out or?"
  9. "This girl liked my status... she clearly wants the D."
  10. Why does my girlfriend moan so much?
Think the above isn't accurate enough? Or maybe you have more thoughts to add? Let me know your thoughts ladies and gents. Contact me on the back of here, visit my Facebook or tweet me @triciabaxter.

Big love.