Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Chapter 5: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Whaddup peoples! Hope you are all okay on this fine Tuesday evening :-).

Last week I spoke about exercise and how I am running for Race for Life next month... a week on and I STILL haven't practiced that much. Okay I am lying, I haven't practiced at all! But surely that will make better comedy value for when I do the actual race?! Once again I would like to thank everyone who has donated so far and ask anyone who hasn't already and would like to, to visit our page at http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/patriciabaxter! It will be greatly appreciated and might actually spur me on to get my butt into shape!

This week I am going to talk about what is on everybody's minds. Yes, that's right - HOLIDAYS! I'm sure you all feel the same as I do, but every time the sun is out I have a real urge to get on a plane and bake in the sun somewhere with a pool, beach and all inclusive food and alcohol. That's what me and the boyfriend have done for the past three years and it's been fantastic! Turkey the first year and Egypt for the last two - for anyone wanting to going to Egypt this year, I highly recommend the Holiday Village in Sharm El Sheikh. Amazing swim up rooms and the staff are great! However, if anyone is going to Sharm, word of advice - don't go to TGI Fridays. Unless you want to be spending your holiday on the loo that is... Just saying.

This year we have decided to veer away from a sun holiday and instead, we are going to the best place in the entire world - NEW YORK CITY. Not only this but we are going at the most magical (and stressful) time of the year... Christmas! I absolutely adore the place and if I could live anywhere in the world, I'd move there in a second. I first went there when I was 17 for a school trip - why we have a school trip to NYC I don't know, but I wasn't complaining - and ever since then, I have wanted to go back there. There's so much to do and see, that going for 4,5 or even 14 days is not enough to see all that the city has to offer. It's got everything! Great shopping, amazing architecture, the Sex & The City tour bus... For all you men reading this who haven't seen at least one episode of Sex & The City, YOU HAVEN'T LIVED! Here's a little snippet of why you should all watch this show (not that I should be urging men to watch sex scenes anyway?)...

On a different note, aside from all the typical things you can do in New York, I just love it so much because although it is a city - and I am a city girl - it is just worlds apart from what we're used to in England. The people are rude, there's always a hustle and yet people want to go back for more. I just think that about America in itself though and I can't wait to go travelling there in the future. I guess this sort goes back to the fact I love movies so much and so many fantastic films has been made over there... I would also love to visit the "deep deep South" of America; Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, you name it. I guess this is my Dad rubbing off on me, but he has loved Western movies and Country music since he was a little boy. When we were younger he introduced me and my sisters to films like City Slickers, Thelma and Louise and not forgetting the classic, Urban Cowboy with John Travolta. Again, a must see if you are a fan of Travolta like I am.

On top of this, my all time FAVOURITE Director comes from Tennessee, Quentin Tarantino. How can you fault the man and all his talents?! I have loved every one of his movies and all of his other projects he has worked on, especially with best friend Robert Rodriguez. I thought it was about time he did a Western, and let me say, Django Unchained did NOT disappoint. Here's what I love about his movies:

  1. The characters - He puts so much detail into everything and especially the characters. You feel an array of different emotions for every character in his movies.
  2. The movie soundtracks - Motown, Country, Hip Hop, you name it! Jackie Brown has to be the best soundtrack.
  3. His recycling of actors - let's face it, he chooses some bad ass actors to play his roles.
  4. Uma Thurman - my all time favourite actress. Amazing in Pulp Fiction, but Kill Bill did it for me. Watch out for Kill Bll 3 coming to a cinema near you in 2014!
  5. His recycling of sounds - I don't know if you have noticed, but he tends to use the same sounds for a few of his films. Do I care? No... Because all of his films are the shit.

Another thing I love about the Deep South is the music. So many people think it's cheesy and yeah I agree, it caters for a certain audience... but I'm not ashamed to admit I am apart of that audience! I'm a huge fan of Johnny Cash and have been since I was 18... I am also NOT ashamed to admit I was Shania Twain's biggest fan when I was 12. Anyone who says that haven't sang the words to "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" is just a frickin' liar!

This week I want to know where your dream destination is and if you ever plan to holiday, travel or even live there?! I want to know all the lengths you would go to in order to get there and say for once, "I've been there."

In the meantime, I would suggest playing a bit of Madonna's 'Holiday' to get you in the mood, but Adam, Sandler's version from The Wedding Singer is waaay better ;).
Until next time readers, take it easy.

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