Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chapter 29: "The Dream Is Real"

Another week, another blog! Evening ladies and gents! As you can tell by the title of this weeks blog, I'm pretty damn excited to be jetting away with my bessie next month. As I've mentioned before, I'm off to New York! Knowing me I probably won't wanna leave the place as NY is where I'd love to live when I'm older, but one thing at a time!

When my Mammy went to New York with her best friend they stayed where me and my friend are in Manhattan and they went to eat at an Irish bar across the way, which was run by a young girl from Northern Ireland and her husband. My Mammy got chatting and brought up how I would love to come over and live there for a bit. Well the young girl gave Mammy her number and said that if I ever wanted a job, she could give me some work. When my Mammy got home she told me the news, but for ages she couldn't remember where she had put the number. I came home from work the other day and on my bedside table was the bar's card with the name of the woman Mammy spoke to and a couple of US dollars - I know where I'll be heading when I go!

You ever think certain things are meant to be? Don't get me wrong, the woman may not work there anymore and it could be a complete lost cause, but when that card was on my bedside table, I took it as a sign. My Auntie said to me, "yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery." A saying I'll keep with me forever now, I just love it! So anything I do from now on, I will take it as an opportunity and keep an open mind about it. 
Some of you might recognise my blog title this week; it's the tagline to the film, Inception (2010). Another favourite of mine and I would highly recommend it. You know what's coming - quick synopsis!:

Dominic Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio) is an Industrial Spy who collects 
all of his information by going into the minds of people through their 
dreams. In order to get back to his family, he is hired to do the opposite -
to implant information in a persons mind, also called, "Inception". Cobb does this with a team of highly qualified colleagues. However, things become complicated when Cobb is faced with something even bigger than him and his team could ever imagine. Can they complete the difficult task at hand with the obstacle that comes their way?

This has to be one of the best endings to a film I've ever seen. Is it all real, or is it
all just a dream? All of the characters have a totem, an object they use to depict whether they are dreaming or awake. Dicaprio's is a spinning tractricoid top whereby if it topples over, he is awake, but if it continues to spin, he is stilling dreaming. This is a main focus throughout the entire film and for such a little prop, it creates so much suspense. But isn't this a reflection on real life? Surely you all have a little something (a totem if you will) that gives you a bit of hope, suspense, excitement? This could be a passport, a watch, a tractricoid or even a business card with a number on it?

The point is, the dream IS real! We can all follow our dreams and it can take us days, weeks, months, even years! We could be 50 by the time we're living the dream, but it's important to go get it and make it real for ourselves...

I'm gunna leave you guys with a link to Hans Zimmer - Time. A fantastic song from the Inception soundtrack. Unfortunately you aren't able to look at videos on my blog through your phones, so I will put links to make it easier for you for the time being.

Life is for living folks. Keep the dream alive!
Big love.

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